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How to cook a pumpkin


Pie pumpkin in the upper right. All other pumpkins and gourds are ornamental and are just around to make things look nice 🙂

Being that it’s the end of October, my grocery store has been selling pie pumpkins for a couple of weeks.  I’ve walked past these pumpkins 2 weeks in a row and this past weekend, with my Littlest Foodie strapped to me in his Baby Bjorn, I stopped and said to him, “Mommy (I often talk in third person now) could totally cook one of these suckers up. No prob kiddo!”  So I bought the cute little pumpkin and brought it home really having no clue what I was up against.

Once I got my Littlest Foodie down for his nap I went at it.  I found this website: ““.  It gives a few suggestions on how to go about cooking a pumpkin and was very helpful.  The problem was, pumpkins are rather hard to wrangle.  All in all, it took me at least 20 minutes to get the thing cut and cleaned up.  Now, on the bright side, I ended up with a ton of pumpkin and paid a lot less than I would have if I bought it canned.

The method of cooking I decided on was steaming.  I didn’t want to have to clean my big roasting pan if I cooked it in the oven and I don’t have a microwave safe dish with a lid that’s big enough.

20131027-224148.jpgSo I added 8 cups of water to my large stockpot, brought the water to a boil, arranged the pumpkin pieces to fit in the steamer insert,covered and steamed for 25 minutes.

I let the pumpkin cool off for a few minutes.  The peel easily came off – in many cases it separated from the “meat” with out me doing anything.  When it didn’t, I used a spoon to scoop it out.

I put all the pumpkin “meat” in a food processor and pureed. I ended up with over 4 cups of pumpkin puree and will be sharing my recipes in the days ahead, so stay tuned.


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