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YES Peas (and Zucchini and Salmon) Baby Food Recipe

20131030-195520.jpgBabies love peas and my Littlest Foodie is no exception.  Peas were one of his favorite first foods and now we combine them with other veggies and meats for some delicious meals.


  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 3 oz salmon (you can substitute with chicken)
  • 1 medium zucchini – trimmed and sliced into 1/2 inch rounds
  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • 4 fresh mint leaves – sliced (optional)
  • 1 cup water


In a small sauté pan, heat olive oil and cook salmon (about 2 minutes on first side and 3 minutes on the other).  Check that salmon is cooked through before removing from heat.  Add 1 cup of water to sauté pan with zucchini, peas and mint.  Cover and cook for 10 minutes.  Combine salmon with zucchini, peas and some of the cooking water in a blender and puree.  Add additional water, formula or breast milk if the mixture’s too thick.

Picture of Salmon in Lemon Brodetto with Pea Puree Recipe

Picture from the Food Network – click on picture to get recipe

The Littlest Foodie’s parents had a delicious meal tonight too!  Mama Foodie cooked Salmon in Lemon Brodetto with Pea . I modified the recipe slightly by using a yellow onion rather than shallot and only 1 lemon.  It was delicious and we had it with a side of steamed zucchini and a delicious and refreshing mojito (can’t let the mint leaves go to waste)!


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  1. シューズ 大人気
    May 11, 2014

    I really like it when folks get together and share thoughts.
    Great blog, stick with it!

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