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Traveling with a Littlest Foodie

The Littlest Foodie's family with the Thanksgiving bird.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you did too!

The Littlest Foodie’s family with the Thanksgiving bird.

My family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope yours did too!  My husband’s aunt cooked a delicious Thanksgiving feast that included two turkeys for a huge crowd!  Here’s a picture of my Littlest Foodie, my husband and myself with one of those Thanksgiving turkeys.

Littlest Foodie Fears the Beard

Littlest Foodie Fears the Beard

We all had a great holiday and it was my Littlest Foodie’s first time meeting many of his relatives – all of whom he loved except for the cousin with the beard! We had tears every time my little guy got close 😦  We’re hoping by Christmas when he meets the big guy with the white beard he’ll be over this little phobia, but for now he definitely fears the beard!

Cranberry Apple Quinoa Baby Food Recipe

You can see the disposable squeeze pouches I used in the background of this picture. They were so easy to travel with.

Anyway, this was our second time traveling by air and we’re starting to get the hang of things… I thought I’d share how I managed to feed my Littlest Foodie while on the go.  To start, I ended up picking up a few Ella’s Kitchen baby food squeeze pouches.  These all-organic baby food pouches are a great alternative when you can’t always cook for your Littlest Foodie AND the 3oz packages are perfect plane food since you can’t take containers larger than 3oz through airport security.

Apple Sauce with Spinach Baby Food RecipeI also cooked up a couple of travel-friendly meals/snacks: Cranberry/Apple Quinoa for breakfast and You Sneaky Mom Apple Sauce.  I packed these meals into disposable squeeze pouches (you can find them on and froze them.  I put them in a small cooler tote that has a zipper, then packed them in our checked luggage.  They were just slightly defrosted when we arrived and I put them in the fridge for further defrosting.

On Thanksgiving, my Littlest Foodie ate tiny pieces of the turkey (which he loved!) and sweet potatoes.  To be sure I had enough good food on hand for my little guy, I had my mother in-law pick up a couple of things: bananas, a sweet potato and a small chicken breast.

All-in-all, with a little pre-planning, a little help from family and some creative packing, my Littlest Foodie ate well while we were traveling!  I hope this post helps you when traveling with your Littlest Foodies.


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